Jaime Zobel

b. 1934


Jaime Zobel de Ayala (b. 1934, Manila, the Philippines), known as Jaime Zobel, is a Spanish-Filipino businessman, philanthropist and amateur art photographer. He first took up photography when he joined the Camera Club of the Philippines in the 1970s. He is mostly known for his abstract digital photographic works presented on a spectrum of materials such as paper, canvas, acrylic, glass, metal and tarpaulin.

Zobel has won photography awards in the Philippines and is recognised as a licentiate by The Royal Photographic Society of the United Kingdom. He has been similarly commended by the French and Spanish governments for his contributions to art and culture.

Zobel has exhibited regularly in the Philippines and in Hong Kong, Spain and the United States of America. His exhibitions in Manila include Journeys with Light at the Ayala Museum (2005) and Igan/Zobel, a joint exhibition with Igan D’Bayan at the Ayala Museum (2011). Exhibitions that were presented to support fundraising efforts included Jaime Zobel at the Presidio at the Presidio of San Francisco, in support of the Ayala Foundation (2002) and Nature Interpreted in Cebu, in support of the Filipinas Heritage Library (2009). Zobel has also produced several critically-acclaimed books of his work.

Zobel’s work is in public and private collections.