Tan Khim Ser

b. 1943


Tan Khim Ser | 陈钦赐 (b. 1943, Singapore) is a Chinese ink painter.

Tan graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. He worked as a personnel manager for several years before embarking on a full-time career in art. He was trained in both Chinese and Western painting, but has focused on Chinese ink painting since the 1970s. His paintings of landscapes, flowers, birds, insects and angel fish (for which he developed a signature painting technique) have become classics of Singapore Chinese ink works.

Tan contributes actively to the art community. He is the president of the Life Art Society which he founded in 1972. He served on committees for The Society of Chinese Artists (1990 to 1993) and The Singapore Arts Federation (1991 to 1993), and was advisor to the Miao Hua Chinese Art Society (1997) and treasurer of The Singapore Arts Federation (1999 to 2001). In addition, Tan actively donates his works to support fundraising activities. Tan has won many awards which include the Service Award from The Society of Chinese Artists (1985) and the Certification of Appreciation of Voluntary Service by the People’s Association (1995).

Tan held his first solo exhibition in 1967, and has since had at least 25 solo art exhibitions, as well as many group exhibitions in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Australia and Iran. His works have been collected by Singtel, the National Museum Art Gallery, the National University of Singapore Museum, government ministries and corporations.