Yau Tian Yau

b. 1934


Yau Tian Yau | 姚天佑 (b. 1934, China) is known for his landscape paintings of the city and streets. Yau draws inspiration from the Impressionist movement but he does not paint like them. Instead, he borrows from them the intense first-hand study of nature.

Yau Tian Yau graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1960 and served as a judge at the National Day Art Exhibition from 1970 to 1989. He was the president of the Society of Chinese Artists in Singapore from 1982 to 1989. Yau was also the vice president of the Singapore Art Society from 1984 to 1985. His awards and accolades include Certificates of Commendation at the UOB Painting of the Year competition in 1982 and 1985. Yau also received the Outstanding Cultural Medal from the Society of Chinese Artists in 1990. Yau Tian Yau’s work has also been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia. These include the Singapore Artist Directory Exhibition (1993), the Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan Art Society exhibition (1987) and the Singapore Art Fair (1986 to 1992).

Yau’s work is currently collected by Singtel as well as other private and public collections in Singapore and Malaysia.