Balinese IV

Lim Tiong Ghee


Balinese IV


Lim Tiong Ghee




Watercolour on Paper



Balinese IV is an unusual work by Lim Tiong Ghee, who is better known for his still life and Chinese-styled abstract collages. Lim is influenced by the aesthetics of Chinese and Japanese drawings and poetry. He admired both the brushwork and the printmaking of the Chinese artists, the sparseness of lines and the great skill used to make a very delicate, poetic form. 

This delicate drawing of a woman stallholder with her fruit baskets is done in graphite and watercolour on cotton paper. It has the effect of chine-collé, the transfer of a delicate image onto a paper of heavy grounding. The details of fruits, textiles and textures of the woven baskets add warmth and interest to this artwork.  

Other paintings by Lim Tiong Ghee in the Singtel collection include two collages, Young Dancer, (1996) and Orchid series (1997).