Big Fruits

Eric Chan


Big Fruits


Eric Chan




Oil on Canvas


Still Life

Eric Chan has developed a recognisable style with his portrayals of flowers and fruits. His paintings are often hyper-real, larger than life representations. The subjects of his paintings are often bathed in light, painted as if viewed through the blurred lens of a camera. The viewer sees, but through a lens that emphasises the aesthetic qualities of the subject and its surrounding light. Chan’s objective is to awaken a sense of beauty in the viewer, a reminder to pause and admire the finer details in life. This painting Big Fruits is carefully crafted and composed with much textural emphasis. The quality and control of Chan's painterly skills are notable in this work.

Other works by Eric Chan in the Singtel collection include Lily Long Mono (2005) and Lemon 1 & 2 (2005)