Boon Tat Street

Ang Ah Tee


Boon Tat Street


Ang Ah Tee




Watercolour on Paper



Ang Ah Tee's Boon Tat Street is an example of paintings of street scenes that are of great popularity in Singapore. The street itself has been painted in as many versions by many artists, as it is one of the local thoroughfares of old Singapore that lies in the centre of the city's business district. Ang's painting is evocative of the shophouses seen in the heat of day, their dark aged interiors housing unsophisticated wares. Wooden crates and bicycles dot the street, adding charm and personality to the composition.

In the 1990s, Ang began using acrylic washes with his watercolours to enjoy the lustre of acrylic and its easy, quick application. Other works by Ang Ah Tee in the Singtel collection include streets scenes, views of the Singapore port and of the city of Shanghai, as well as impressionistic compositions of gardens and ponds.