Bukit Tinggi

Peh Eng Seng


Bukit Tinggi


Peh Eng Seng




Watercolour on Paper



This lively watercolour Bukit Tinggi by Peh Eng Seng captures the vibrancy of the street market encountered on the artist's travels. Peh focuses on the umbrellas of the street vendors, which give shade and colour to the lane. In this cleverly composed work, he arranges the umbrellas so that they are clustered between the foreground and the background. The background comprises the outlines of the facades of historic buildings, washed in neutral tones. In contrast, the colourful foreground is the scene of action, with people moving through the stalls lined with textiles and wares. 

Travelling and painting en plein air, it is necessary for Peh to compose his paintings on the spot. The immediacy of these paintings is supported by the artist's impressionistic expression. 

Another work by Peh Eng Seng in the Singtel collection is Raffles Place (1988), also a watercolour.