Busy Rainy Day

Chua Ek Kay


Busy Rainy Day


Chua Ek Kay




Ink and Pigment on Rice Paper



Busy Rainy Day typifies the body of paintings by Chua Ek Kay that celebrates the old soul of Singapore. These old shophouses were close to the artist's heart, having lived in the heart of Singapore where he and his family first emigrated in his childhood. Memories of Liang Seah street were precious to the artist, and he had much enjoyment painting the old Chinese shophouses there and in Chinatown in various moods. Painted in Chua's signature 'quick brushstroke' manner, the busyness of the composition is emphasised through the use of sporadic wet brushwork. 

The National Gallery exhibition, Chua Ek Kay: After the Rain (2015), featured both landscape and 'Lotus' works by Chua.

Other works by Chua Ek Kay in the Singtel collection include Lotus Pond (2005) and Untitled (Lotus series) (2007).