Chamber Orchestra

Eng Tay


Chamber Orchestra


Eng Tay




Pastel on Paper



Eng Tay has lived and worked in New York since the age of nineteen, yet the childhood images of growing up in rural Kedah, Malaysia, and the images of people formed during his frequent travels to Indonesia and South America populate his art. The lyrical compositions he produces reflect two inter-twining themes of family and music. "Music is part of our daily life, it is important to me", states Tay. The daily life rituals of family are stylised by Tay in his paintings and often include a musical element. In this 1990s piece, Tay portrays the harmony of a string ensemble. The well-rounded figures are typical of Tay's work, their soft colourful forms express contentment and evoke happiness. 

Tay works in several art media interchangeably - lithographs, etchings, oil, oil pastels, and sculptures in bronze and clay. His work may be discussed alongside the more senior artists Lee Long Looi and Khoo Sui Hoe, also from Kedah and residing in the United Sates of America.