Ebb Tide at Changi Beach

Lim Cheng Hoe


Ebb Tide at Changi Beach


Lim Cheng Hoe




Watercolour on Paper



The painting presents a fading scene of Changi Beach as the tide flows out. Little fishing sampans are tied to their posts, suggesting the end of day. The quality of this watercolour painting is among the best of Lim’s renditions. The quietude of the landscape is punctuated by dashes of cerulean blue sky reflected in receding pools. Light dominates over the delicately composed swatches of land and sea. The underplayed colour resonates with the restraint of the composition. Perhaps Lim knew as he painted then that such beautiful and nostalgic scenes of Singapore would soon be lost.

The watercolour practice that Lim began reached a highpoint of fine composition and excellent painting skills during the artist’s later life. An early work by Lim, Kampong Scene, 1954, is also in the Singtel collection. It is a good example of Lim’s plein air vignettes of Malayan village life.