Expressway - Reconstructed

Hong Sek Chern


Expressway - Reconstructed


Hong Sek Chern




Mixed Media on Paper


Semi-Abstract, Landscape

Hong Sek Chern’s Expressway – Reconstructed is the prize-winning work for the Singtel Art Expressions 1995. The accolade promulgated recognition for the then young artist in 1995. The achievement made through this painting has been developed with Hong’s subsequent works of buildings and transit ways. In this work, Hong has used basic drawing pigments of black, white, ochre and sienna to re-create the structure of an expressway under construction. There are many fine lines used for drawing construction which also form visible structures in the painting. The reflection of the actual physical construction by the artist’s drawing construction are linked by these lines. Monumental in nature, Hong’s artwork raises questions of the re-creation of ideas and aesthetics in art and design.

Hong’s subsequent series of artworks that were developed after this point continue to appropriate images from architecture. Inventive and intelligent, the latter series are represented from a multi-point perspective. Often using Chinese ink, her work is often recognized by the interplay of blocks and lines.