Thomas Yeo




Thomas Yeo




Mixed Media on Canvas



This abstract painting by Thomas Yeo, like many of his works, is based on landscapes that the artist has encountered during his travels. Whilst many of his earlier works were semi-abstract landscapes, he considered the development of his totally abstract paintings as his major art achievement. This work from 1980 is a good example of one of Yeo’s well-balanced, harmoniously coloured abstracts. The warm and attractive red, sienna and yellow hues are played over a neutral background with cool green accents for balance. Artists like Yeo who painted abstract works in the 1970s to 1990s were often conscious of the balanced composition of their works. Yeo would use various media including collage and mixtures to his paint to create not only a balanced palette of colour, but an interesting array of textures in a work.

Several other artworks by Thomas Yeo in the Singtel collection include two semi-abstract landscapes Island in the Stream (1991) and Sun-Filled Valley (1995), and larger abstract works Nature (1985) and Light Reflection (2000).