Island in the Stream

Thomas Yeo


Island in the Stream


Thomas Yeo




Mixed Media on Paper



This painting Island in the Stream is from a body of paintings that Thomas Yeo made over a large part of his career as a professional artist. These mixed media works are themed on semi-abstracted compositions of natural scenes  ̶  trees, hills and streams. They are idyllic, and based on memory and imagination rather than actual scenes. Painted in the colours of nature - blues, greens and earth tones, the paintings have been a popular staple in the artist's studio.

Yeo is also known for his abstract works, which he painted alongside this nature series. Several other artworks by Thomas Yeo in the Singtel collection include another semi-abstract landscape Sun-Filled Valley (1995), and the larger abstract works Flight (1980), Nature (1985) and Light Reflection (2000).