Last Light III

Jim Thalassoudis


Last Light III


Jim Thalassoudis




Oil on Canvas


Semi-Abstract, Landscape

Jim Thalassoudis (b. 1962) is sometimes called 'the man who paints the sky'. Living and working in Adelaide, Australia, his environment amply provides the subject matter for his art. His works have been called homages to the sky, where Thalassoudis often captures gorgeous evening scenes, which are amplified by the intense colours used. Often the skies and clouds take on an abstract quality, until the painting details are viewed up close. To complete the celestial effect, he sometimes borders his paintings with gold leaf, as in Last Light III

Thalassoudis has exhibited widely in Australia, and on occasion in Hong Kong and Singapore. More work by Thalassoudis in the Singtel collection is Last Light 2, a diptych in oil; Study of the Sky #1 and Evening Sky #1, two small oil works.