Light Reflection

Thomas Yeo


Light Reflection


Thomas Yeo




Mixed Media on Canvas



Light Reflection is a later abstract work by Thomas Yeo. Yeo's later abstract paintings tend to be impressionistic, based on the artist's expressions of the effects of light and colour. Whereas his earlier works of the 1980s and early 1990s exhibited tensions between planes, forms and textures, these later works are more colour-based. In this piece small sheets of goldleaf lie between the paint colours for decorative effect.

Whilst many of Yeo's earlier works were semi-abstract landscapes, he considered the development of his totally abstract paintings as his major art achievement. Artists like Yeo who painted abstract works in the 1970s to 1990s were often conscious of the balanced composition of their works. Yeo would use various media including collage and mixtures to his paint to create not only a balanced palette of colour, but an interesting array of textures.

Several other artworks by Thomas Yeo in the Singtel collection include two semi-abstract landscapes Island in the Stream (1991), Sun-Filled Valley (1995), and larger abstract works Flight (1980) and Nature (1985).