Lotus Pond

Chua Ek Kay


Lotus Pond


Chua Ek Kay




Chinese Ink and Pigments on Rice Paper



Chua Ek Kay is regarded for his works of Singapore street scenes and abstracts of lotus ponds.  He often drew inspiration from his surroundings. This included Liang Seah Street where his family settled, and places from his travels – the mountains and lakes in China, and Australian cave paintings in Tasmania. 

This Lotus Pond work is a good example of Chua’s ‘spontaneous brushstroke’ method of painting, which he refined after returning from Australia. The subtle flecks and lines combine with pale expanses of wet pigment creating an abstracted, poetic waterscape. The use of lines and specks suggests movement of water and light. Dotted over the surface are tiny pink brushstrokes, a suggestion of a multitude of lotuses in bud. 

Other works by Chua in the Singtel collection include Busy Rainy Day, 2007 and Untitled - Lotus series, 2007.