Mutual Understanding

Anthony Chua Say Hua


Mutual Understanding


Anthony Chua Say Hua




Oil on Canvas



Mutual Understanding is a young work by Anthony Chua Say Hua, painted using cubist expression. Produced when Chua was still a student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, the work is full of complex angles and planes. The deconstructed face imbues the artwork with a sense of irony from the young painter, a contrast from its title. Chua displays good painting techniques and colour control in this early piece. He has since moved on to a more fluid expression. His later works use Chinese ink in swift expressive brushstrokes to paint spirited street scenes and landscapes. 

The painting Mutual Understanding was acquired by Singtel from the Kim Keat Art Fair in 1989. Another painting by Anthony Chua in the Singtel collection is Homage to De Kooning - Nude in Landscape (1997).