No 71 Ann Siang Hill

Tiong Tian Tong


No 71 Ann Siang Hill


Tiong Tian Tong




Ink and Wash on Paper



Ink and wash drawings of the city and its streets are usually done on site, sometimes as studies for larger paintings. There is often a sense of immediacy, created with the full attention of the artist sitting in the street and drawing. Tiong Tian Tong's drawings are made with fine detail and keen draughtsmanship. No 71 Ann Siang Hill is an unusual street scene, capturing the old house perched atop two steep flights of steps. The figure of an elderly man sits looking out of the doorway, and plants grow from the cracks in the walls. Tiong's observations add to the interest of this informal piece, which the artist later developed to a larger artwork. 

There are several drawings and paintings by Tiong Tian Tong in the Singtel collection, including Scenery (1991, oil), Beijing Alley (1999, watercolour), Street Scene 1 (1987), Street Scene 2 (1987), Feeding - Kim Yam Road (1987) and Wayang (1989), all ink and wash works.