Orchid Series

Lim Tiong Ghee


Orchid Series


Lim Tiong Ghee




Mixed Media on Paper


Still Life

Lim Tiong Ghee was influenced by the aesthetics of Chinese and Japanese drawings and poetry. He admired both the brushwork and the printmaking of the Chinese artists, the sparseness of lines and the great skill they used to make a very delicate, poetic form. Untrained, he worked unbound by the demands of an academic art training, instead, he shared his ideas with friends and fellow artists.

His starting points for his art were flowers and fruit, and domestic images that recall ‘home’. To create this 1997 collage work Lim hand-dyed each coloured sheet of rice paper, stripping it down and then re-assembling each portion to form a painterly whole. The resulting image is almost translucent on the white paper mounting. It has the feel of a Chinese painting but maintains a light hand-made character.

Other paintings by Lim in the Singtel collection include two collages, Young Dancer, (1996) and Balinese IV (1996).