Pastoral View

Tay Bak Koi


Pastoral View


Tay Bak Koi




Oil on Canvas


Semi-Abstract, Landscape

The painting presents a group of women washing their clothes in the river. The scene is idyllic, with tall trees growing over an otherwise rocky area, by which the flowing water cascades over large stones. Although the painting is stylized, Tay is skillful in evoking the textures of the natural elements of grass, rock and foaming stream. This later work is more detailed in treatment than earlier pieces, whilst retaining Tay’s recognizable painting style. 

The style that Tay developed in his earlier paintings became iconic for the artist. In the spirit of establishing a visual vocabulary for himself that was modern and reflected the artist’s way of expressing himself, Tay painted many artworks in his characteristic style. His later works still retained his style but engaged in more details. 

Other works by Tay Bak Koi in the Singtel collection include Buffaloes (1960-62), Bulls (undated), Peace (1989), Return to Love (1998) and Yuan Xiao (2000).