Red on White

Tung Yue Nang


Red on White


Tung Yue Nang




Acrylic on Canvas


Still Life

Tung Yue Nang's (b. 1959) One series of paintings depicting pebbles and droplets in various permutations is perhaps his most successful body of work. Using hyper-realistic representations of objects, Tung meticulously plots each composition as if on a grid. These paintings are based on concepts of balance and harmony in the universe. The traditional Chinese elements of water and stone are arranged thus, creating beautiful patterns and arousing the viewer's curiosity.

From the age of 15, Tung learned Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal carving and engraving from the artist Shi Xiang Tuo. Later, he worked in graphic design before embarking on his career as an artist. Other works by Tung Yue Nang in the Singtel collection are Untitled (Peranakan Slippers) and Untitled (Peranakan Bowls) (1994), Black on White (1995), My Lucky Year I and II (1999), and Sunshine series I and II (2000).