Symphony in Blue II

Jaime Zobel


Symphony in Blue II


Jaime Zobel




Fine Digital Print



Symphony in Blue II was exhibited in Jaime Zobel's (b. 1934) exhibition Ode to Light (2003, Manila). It is part of a series of abstract photographic works on digital print. Zobel explores the abstract quality of the image by his own experiments with light, using photography. He cuts and arranges parts of his photographic works to reaasemble them into the compositions that please him. The artist's intention is to allow "the viewer to complete the work, participating in its beauty by looking at it attentively.” 

Zobel is the winner of several awards in the Philippines, and is also recognised by the Royal Photographic Society there. He has more than 35 years of photographic practice behind him, and has also produced several critically acclaimed books of his work.

Another work by Jaime Zobel in the Singtel collection is Perspective IV, also a fine art digital print.