Temporal Ref - Wall series 1 (Diptych)

Ang Teck Ee


Temporal Ref - Wall series 1 (Diptych)


Ang Teck Ee




Watercolour on Paper



Ang Teck Ee's diptych Temporal Referentiality - Wall Series I and II is unusual in  the way that the watercolour medium is used in this contemporary landscape painting. Although the architectural features are identifiable, the artist highlights the abstract character of the buildings' geometry. The entire effect of his simple line and brush work is achieved though the minimal use of colour as well as the negative space from unpainted surfaces. The overall effect is extremely soft and subtle, accented by strips of newspaper text. The newspaper bits appear incidental, emphasising the elements of Chinese culture in this work, although these also act as signposts in Ang's work.

Ang won the merit award with this artwork at the Singapore Telecom's Expressions in Art in 1995. As a young artist, it was one of the early successes in his career. Ang also received awards in the UOB Painting of the Year competition in 1993 and 1994 with similar series of watercolour paintings. His current artworks are also semi-abstract compositions, which may include landscapes and figures, often in controlled monochromatic and dichromatic tones.