The New Era

Goh Beng Kwan


The New Era


Goh Beng Kwan




Mixed Media on Canvas



The New Era, painted in 2001, is a commissioned work for Singtel by Goh Beng Kwan. This triptych is richly coloured and highly textured, featuring gold leaf and a variety of hand-coloured papers. The main body of the three canvases comprises an auspicious red colour, befitting Goh's local Chinese heritage. Red is also Singapore's national colour and Singtel's corporate colour. The painting is made in ebullient mood and connotes positive energy and blessings of prosperity. The painting is made to resemble a red banner hung over doorways for special occasions in Chinese tradition, such as the Lunar New Year, weddings, and moving into a new home. It acts as a symbol of hope for the new millennium, the time when this painting was made. 

The New Era combines both painting and collage techniques, typical of the work of Goh Beng Kwan. Other works by the same artist in the Singtel collection include Terrace Cultivation (2001), Transformation (2006), and Lotus Pond (2009).