Untitled (Lotus series)

Chua Ek Kay


Untitled (Lotus series)


Chua Ek Kay




Ink and Pigment on Rice Paper



This Untitled (Lotus series) work is another good example of Chua Ek Kay’s ‘spontaneous brushstroke’ method of painting, which he refined after returning from his studies in Australia. The large wet black brushwork is laid over pale shapes that coalesce randomly. The dichromatic use of Chinese ink and mineral pigment over white rice paper creates an allusion to depth and space. This is a mature work by Chua, who often painted very quickly after hours spent sitting meditatively with his paints and papers.    

The works with 'Lotus' themes were one of Chua's favourite series. They are poetic abstractions that discourse the philosophical quiet space within. Chua often worked on two or three paintings at a time, each at a different stage of completion. The National Gallery exhibition, Chua Ek Kay: After the Rain (2015), featured both 'Lotus' and landscape works by Chua.

Other works by Chua Ek Kay in the Singtel collection include Busy Rainy Day (2007) and Lotus Pond (2005).