Untitled (Resting)

Lee Man Fong


Untitled (Resting)


Lee Man Fong




Oil on Board



Lee Man Fong's Untitled (Resting), depicts a cockerel and a hen. This undated work is painted in oil in a realistic Western style with some Chinese influence. The painting uses the vertical Chinese scroll format and characteristics of Chinese brush composition. Its composition focuses on the central subjects set against a simplified backdrop, employing rocks and bamboos to create depth, as though in the formal setting of a photography studio. 

The subject is symbolic of domestic fulfilment, where chickens have often been associated with Asian cultural symbols of marriage. The rocks and branches that the cockerel and hen are resting on may be interpreted to symbolise the difficulties of life, therein implying a need for survival together, of overcoming struggles, and the goodness gained from having such companionship. Lee is a most competent painter, portraying the animals with fine detail and form.

Another work by Lee Man Fong in the Singtel collection is Bali Girl also in oil.