Weaving Series

Cristene Chang Hoei


Weaving Series


Cristene Chang Hoei




Set of 5 Prints



Cristene Chang Hoei's (b. 1942)  Weaving Series is a set of 5 prints that are inspired by textiles. Chang uses the concept of weaving as a metaphor for personal stories, relationships and social structures. She states that 'in the mythology of weaving there are many tales of weaving that are beyond the physical loom, and threads and fibres'. Weaving, in her art, can be the weaving of words and texts, or even of impossible elements like sunbeams, sky and water. One of the only artists in Singapore to have the use of her own studio press, she uses oil-based inks to make her prints in her studio. The colours of her inks and paints are rich, recalling the full strength of the hues of fabric dyes.

Chang won the Bronze Award for the UOB Painting of the Year (2014) with work from this series. She also received the First Prize of the Ray Fawcett Award (1995, London).