Chan Choy Har




Chan Choy Har




Oil On Canvas



Chan Choy Har won the Best Young Artist award with her painting Wishes at the Singapore Telecoms' Expressions in Art 1995 competition. Chan has painted in a decorative, naïve style that was popular in the 1990s depicting interior spaces and the familiar artifacts of home. Using a palette of pleasant colours, the internal features of a room form the composition of the painting. Furniture and furnishings, flowers and fabrics are painted to evoke personal memories and nostalgic feelings. The practice of painting interiors often arises from a sense of security, comfort and beauty. The painter has a deep appreciation of being in a safe space, and the painting is a document of that. The interior space also acts as an introspective space, where the wishes and thoughts of the painter are kept.

Chan painted in this naïve style in the 1990s, possibly an outcome of her award of the Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship and her sojourn in the United Kingdom. Her artworks of the later 2000s tend towards abstracted forms.