Radiant Material: A Dialogue in Vietnamese Lacquer Painting

5 June 2017 - 3 September 2017

Nguyen Gia Tri. Les Fées (The Fairies). c. 1936. Lacquer on board. Collection of Ms Geraldine Galatéau, Paris.

This exhibition invites you to experience the beauty and versatility of Vietnamese lacquer painting through the work of two artists—one modern and one contemporary—who have each contributed strongly to the development of this unique art form. Nguyen Gia Tri was a Vietnamese artist known for his innovative use of lacquer in the 1930s as an expressive medium for modern painting. In a special commission for National Gallery Singapore, contemporary artist Phi Phi Oanh responds to Nguyen Gia Tri's monumental 1936 painting Les Fées (The Fairies). She uses lacquer painting to explore the way we view images today, as fleeting, virtual and interactive.